When Did Horace Grant Knew the Chicago Bulls Were on the Road to Becoming a Dynasty?

Chicago Bulls legend Horace Grant talked to Mirror Sport about a significant moment in his memories from seven years with the team.

The four-time NBA champion remembered a game against the Atlanta Hawks in 1990 and why it made him realize the Chicago Bulls were eventually going to be a dynasty.

“We were down like 10 points in the fourth quarter with a couple of minutes left,” Grant explained. “But as a team we didn’t feel threatened, because we had number 23. We won the game on the back of Michael Jordan. I mean, we sat back like, ‘Wow, wow. I’m glad that he’s on my team’.”

Recap of Bulls vs. Hawks on March 21, 1990

The game Grant reminisced about was a time when his Chicago Bulls visited the Atlanta Hawks on March 21, 1990. The Bulls had a 43-22 record back then, while the Hawks were 31-35. The game was played in Atlanta, but the Bulls were supposed to dominate the Hawks from start to finish.

Atlanta struggled that season but their starting lineup with Moses Malone, Kevin Willis, Dominique Wilkins, Doc Rivers and Kenny Smith was formidable, and they had talented reserves like John Battle and Spud Webb.

The Bulls had a 58-52 lead at halftime, but the Hawks won the third quarter 26-15 to take a 78-73 lead with 12 minutes left. The Bulls then outscored the Hawks 26-11 in the fourth quarter and won the game 99-88.

Michael Jordan led the Bulls with 27 points, six assists, five steals, and four rebounds, John Paxson finished with 15 points, five steals, three rebounds, and two assists, and Grant had 13 points, three rebounds, and three blocks. Dominique Wilkins’ game-high 36 points with 11 rebounds, three assists, and three steals was not enough for the Hawks.

Less than 15 months after this game, the Chicago Bulls won their first NBA Championship on June 12, 1991. Grant was right, the Bulls had what it took to become a dynasty.

Eduardo Solano