Interview: Bayern Munich and Poland superstar Robert Lewandowski

OSHEE, the reputable market leader for functional beverages in Poland, advocates and delivers exceptional products for active people throughout 27 prominent world markets on three separate global continents. OSHEE, which also supports 500 events annually, such as the ATP’s Poznań Open and the Lotto Ekstraklasa, Poland’s top-tier professional football league, has continued to both highly innovate and strategically redefine the market both in Poland and internationally.

OSHEE genuinely champions and wholeheartedly supports leading Polish initiatives and national brands, namely Rak&Roll, Boskie Matki (Divine Mothers), Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Parcel) and Cała Polska Czyta Dzieciom (All Poles Read Books to Their Kids), which has invariably seen the broad appeal of the marquee Polish beverage brand ascend further, whilst positively impacting Polish and non-Pole communities simultaneously.

OSHEE, one of the most recognizable leading popular mainstream brands in Poland, is also the current proud official partner of the Polish Football Association, which has seen OSHEE’s marquee commercial presence reign very much as the flagship brand throughout the Poland national team’s current Euro 2020 campaign. Moreover, OSHEE’s collaborative association with Extraleague has witnessed OSHEE similarly provide and prepare grapefruit flavored isotonic drinks and OSHEE Zero multifruit drinks for the league.

Furthermore, in partnership with the SPRING Association, OSHEE created a limited edition of the widely popular OSHEE Red Orange beverage; five per cent of the revenue from OSHEE’s product sales are officially donated to help the most needy and destitute families living in poverty throughout Poland.

OSHEE’s immensely unique company ethos, unwavering values and empowering integrity has differentiated the Polish company from others in the contemporary market throughout Poland, whereas the company continuously aims and strives to inspire change for individuals who long to overcome challenges and adversity in their lives. OSHEE gears to facilitate shifts in attitudes and mind-sets socially and via social media, particularly via the power of sport. OSHEE’s positive support and association with current and next generation athletes continues to inspire and motivate, whilst also providing much-needed hope to others in far greater need. 

FOX Sports Radio 96.9 FM/1340 AM’s Dean Perretta briefly caught up with OSHEE Ambassador and Poland striker, Robert Lewandowski, to briefly discuss the Bayern Munich goal machine’s proud association with OSHEE, Poland’s Euro 2020 qualification campaign, coupled alongside Lewandowski’s thoughts on OSHEE’s latest products and initiatives.

Dean Perretta: Robert, can you talk about your role as an Ambassador for OSHEE and how the partnership came to fruition?

Robert Lewandowski: LIVE, FIGHT, WIN – this is the message OSHEE is guided by in its actions, not only sports ones. The brand takes the challenge to educate, support and inspire for active lifestyle. This approach is close to me, that is why, I have become an ambassador of this brand this year again.

As an ambassador, I support an active lifestyle by means of marketing campaigns developed together with OSHEE. Social Responsibility is also a key element of our joint actions. This is another aim that brings us together. I believe that common sports promotion is the best result of our cooperation.

Dean Perretta: Which particular OSHEE drink would you recommend most and why?

Robert Lewandowski: OSHEE has a wide offer of functional products of different properties. All of them are made with particular care and attention to their functions and ingredients. To me, due to my profession, isotonic drinks are most important, particularly those natural of OSHEE. Clear composition and a function – these are factors determining my choice. This is the kind of a drink that I could make myself but I do not always have time for it, that is why I get ready-made solutions from OSHEE. When free and not training, I like to try vitamin drinks, preferably Vitamin Water.

Dean Perretta: OSHEE is a brand with a strong influence in three continents and with over 123,000 OSHEE stores in Poland alone. What does it mean to be associated with OSHEE as an Ambassador?

Robert Lewandowski: Every success brings new expectations and ambitions, both in sports and in business. Recently, we managed to jointly develop a special, professional line of products with my name and RL9 symbol on. They have been developed based on my training experience. Well selected ingredients of RL9 drinks are used by me for my daily training and regeneration. To sum up, this is the secret of my training. That is why, cooperation with OSHEE is a synergic partnership to me, in which both parties show similar goals, ambitions and values.

Dean Perretta: Lastly, OSHEE was nominated as the Official Partner of the Polish Football Association. Can you talk about Poland’s Euro 2020 qualification group and the expectations for Biało-czerwoni?

Robert Lewandowski: In Poland, football is the most popular sports discipline. Football fans get hot. OSHEE has always supported sports, therefore it is natural to support the Polish National Football Team.

Soon in June, another two matches will be played as part of qualifying matches for the European Football Championship – with Macedonia and Israel. As a captain of the (Poland) national team, I want to lead our team to victory. It is certain – we do our best.



Dean Perretta
Dean Perretta is a 2x SEA Award-winning creative, Broadcast Journalist, Reporter, Courtside Analyst for BBC televised London Lions and Executive Producer who currently contributes to FOX Sports Radio, FourFourTwo Magazine and Muscle & Fitness Magazine.