IWGP US Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega

Internationally heralded New Japan Pro Wrestling reigning and defending IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion and leader of the Bullet Club Kenny Omega is currently highly regarded by vastly credible Professional Wrestling media outletPWI (Pro Wrestling Illustrated) as one of the Greatest Professional Wrestlers in the entire world today.


 In addition, Kenny Omega’s popularity around the globe continues to grow thereafter New Japan Pro Wrestling’s most recent debut two-date tour in the United States for the G1 Special in the USA coupled alongside Kenny Omega’s universal reputation for continuously delivering memorable classic matches which steal the show in the globally revered New Japan Pro WrestlingKenny Omega appeared as a special guest on WWE Superstar, bestselling Published Author, TV Presenter andFozzy frontman Chris Jericho’s hit podcast “Talk Is Jericho” to inspirationally discuss his career and life.

Kenny Omega’s classic match with Kazuchika Okada at Dominion 6.11 inside the world famous Osaka-jó Hall on June 11, 2017, scored a rating of 6 ¼ stars and is now officially the highest-rated Professional Wrestling match in history. Omega has also had a 6 star rated match with Kazuchika Okada at the Wrestle Kingdom 11 – which is New Japan Pro Wrestling‘s equivalent of WWE WrestleMania – and a classic 5-star match with Tetsuya NaitoKenny Omega has faced very talented opponents throughout his successful career such as: “The Phenomenal” AJ StylesKazuchika OkadaShinsuke NakamuraTomohiro Ishii and Hiroshi Tanahashi.


The globally revered Bullet Club, a highly talented group of villainous foreigners have single-handedly revolutionized, dominated and taken over New Japan Pro Wrestling with their boldly assertive actions and in-ring excellence. The Bullet Club appeared in PlayStation 4 smash hit “Tekken 7 after New Japan Pro Wrestling officially agreed to a high-profile exclusive media partnership with “Tekken 7”Kenny Omega is also the leader of a very powerful group called The ELITE with The Young Bucks.


New Japan Pro Wrestling is the largest-ever Professional Wrestling organization in the history of Asia and was founded by the legendary Professional Wrestler, Mixed Martial Artist and Politician, Antonio InokiAntonio Inoki faced Muhammad Ali in the infamous and legendary first-ever Professional Wrestler versus Professional Boxer showdown in Tokyo, Japan in 1976. Moreover, Kenny Omega has made his presence felt in the most credible and widely respected Professional Wrestling organization in the world, whilst forging a legacy.

3-time Award-winning and Future 100 certified In-spire LS Magazine caught up with the internationally regarded reigning and defending IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion and leader of the Bullet Club Kenny Omega to talk about New Japan Pro Wrestling touring the United States, working with Kazuchika Okada, what inspired the NJPW superstar to get into Professional Wrestling, Cody Rhodes high-profile arrival in New Japan Pro Wrestling and much, much more only on In-spire LS Magazine.


Q: First and foremost Kenny, New Japan Pro Wrestling’s G1 Special in the USA in Long Beach, California was a great success and continues New Japan Pro Wrestling’s growing appeal in the United States. In your opinion, what do you feel are the fundamental differences between the Japanese professional wrestling fans in contrast to the professional wrestling fans in the United States?


 Omega: Anywhere you go fans are going to be a little different, just as people, in general, vary place to place. There’s this stereotype that the Japanese fan base is very quiet, and while that can be true, some of my loudest reactions have been in Japan. I’d say in 2017, maybe the only real difference is the chanting. US fans get pretty wild and creative whereas Japanese fans limit their chants mainly to the performer’s name. 
Q: Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada at Wrestle Kingdom 11 has been heralded as one of the greatest professional wrestling matches of all-time and has additionally been praised by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley. How would you describe working with Kazuchika Okada and where do you personally rank this great match in your career?
Omega: It’s been a test of both my creative and athletic ability while still remaining a really fun experience. Even with the size and importance of the shows, the pressure, I’ve come to trust our chemistry so much that I only get excited to perform. I’d hate to rank the Tokyo Dome match with a definitive number, but as an athletic spectacle, it’s right up there as one of my personal bests… if not the best.
Q: The Bullet Club has received universal praise in the business both in the Orient and overseas and is without question the most revered and feared faction in professional wrestling today. What do you feel makes the Bullet Club so unique?


 Omega: At first, it was simply because we were so different from the common NJPW faction. We broke the mold that NJPW had been using and relying on for decades. That, and we had the skull and guns logo that instantly lit our sales charts on fire. It was cool and our classic Bullet Club shirt kinda became a pop culture phenomenon.  As time went by, members and leaders changed but we’re still trying to stay ahead of the curve and lead NJPW in their worldwide conquest. 
 Q: Bullet Club member Cody has made a huge impact in New Japan Pro Wrestling since his high-profile arrival. What are your thoughts on Cody coming to New Japan Pro Wrestling and finally finding his niche if it were?
Omega: I am one of the biggest supporters of Cody both as a human being and as a performer. Anytime someone has the balls to walk away from easy money to pursue their own dream in their own way, you can’t help but respect it.  He’s the epitome of a real man; achieving all of his goals via hard work and treating the people and fans around him with the utmost respect. Though he’s only appeared in New Japan a handful of times, his performances get more and more impressive with every outing.  I can’t wait to see him in higher profile matches more often.   

Q: Who have been some of the opponents that you have enjoyed working with most in New Japan Pro Wrestling?

 Omega:  (Kazuchika) Okada, (Michael) Elgin, (Will) Osprey and (Toru) Yano.  There is such a variety of styles in New Japan, so it’s really tough to keep that list short. I love working with power fighters, but also love working with fliers, as much as I love working with underdogs or being an underdog. I’m a storyteller, so having all these options open to me allowS for my creativity to really flourish. 
Q: What do you adore most about the Japanese lifestyle and culture?
 Omega: The politeness and common courtesy.

Q: Which professional wrestlers inspired you most growing up?

 Omega: Curt Hennig, RVD, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, TAKA (Michinoku) and Shinjiro Ohtani.

Q: As the host of hit YouTube series “The Cleaners Corner” you share your passion for video games. What are your favorite video games of all-time?

 Omega: Mother 2 (Earthbound) and Shenmue are my two favorite games of all-time. I still find time to play both classic and newer games, however. As of right now, I’m juggling SFV, Persona 5 and Final Fantasy 6.
 Q: Professional wrestling has always been very popular in Canada and has produced many great professional wrestlers including yourself of course. How did you initially get involved with the Professional Wrestling?
Omega:  A high school friend had a family connection to a local promoter that got him his try-out. I couldn’t join with him at first, so I supported him (and the promotion) however I could by attending shows, doing odd jobs, clean up, etc. Eventually, I struck a deal with my dad to train as long as it didn’t affect my school work and hockey career. Ultimately, it did, and I had to take a hiatus, but I started back up again immediately once I turned 18.
Q: Before we leave Kenny, what are your biggest ambitions and goals for your career in New Japan Pro Wrestling?

 Omega:  It’s easy to say, ‘become IWGP Heavyweight Champion’ is the ultimate goal. But actually, it’s not. What I prioritize much more than that is changing the business. Every performance, match by match, I’m doing my part (as best I can) to spread universal entertainment. My hope is that with both my in-ring performances and side projects like Being The Elite, current fans and non-fans alike can find something to enjoy when they watch. Whether they laugh, cry, become inspired and motivated. As long as they feel something and want to watch again, it’s a step in the right direction for Pro Wrestling.


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