Jon Jones vs. Brock Lesnar: Making of Super-Dream Fight

Thereafter Jon “Bones” Jones defeated Daniel Cormier via knock out in round three at UFC 214 in convincing fashion, the vindication and redemption of Jon Jones was confirmed; Jones served a well-documented suspension from the USADA for the usage of steroids.

More importantly after the reassuring victory against Cormier at UFC 214, Jon “Bones” Jones publicly called out former Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion and current WWE superstar Brock Lesnar to lay down a Super-Fight main event challenge.

At present, Lesnar has six months remaining on a current USADA suspension for twice testing positive for estrogen blocker clomiphene; Lesnar tested positive twice after defeating Mark Hunt at UFC 200 (Lesnar’s victory against Hunt was overturned and ruled a No Contest). In addition, the one-time NCAA National Champion from the University of Minnesota and current reigning and defending WWE Universal Champion is presently under contract with WWE until April 2018.

However, UFC and WWE previously permitted Lesnar to compete in the main event at the high-profile UFC 200 whilst legally under contract with WWE.

Moreover, Jon “Bones” Jones admittedly is relishing the opportunity to experience his first-ever Super-Fight extravaganza which will invariably attract casual and non-fans simultaneously in facing a certifiable pay-per-view box office attraction with crossover appeal such as Brock Lesnar.

Unmistakably, a potential Jones-Lesnar showdown will eclipse 1 million buy rates on pay-per-view and propell Jon “Bones” Jones profile further into the monetary major league and into a greater pop culture powerhouse.

UFC at this particular moment in time is in dire need of box office star power. Conor McGregor is currently anticipating the much-awaited Professional Boxing Super-Fight with Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr, whereas Ronda Rousey’s star power and reputation in the sport has taken a nosedive ever since receiving her second loss in her Mixed Martial Arts career at the hands of Amanda Nunes. Jon Jones ticks various boxes with regards to being an elite draw and has the marketability and Christian values which highly resonate with casual fans regardless of previous erratic behavior and relative controversy which relatively derailed his reputation before rectifying his standing with an all-important win over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214.

Thereafter a tremendous renaissance performance against Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 to reclaim the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship, the reborn 30-year-old New York-born sensation is perhaps in the right place at the right time to be the face of UFC at this particular juncture.

A Super-Fight showdown between Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar has the makings of benefitting all parties involved and would continue to positively promote the betterment and advancement of the sport without being a one-sided, circus show attraction ala McGregor-Mayweather Jr.

The ever-dominant Brock Lesnar automatically brings a global Professional Wrestling fan base to the UFC viewership and with Lesnar’s WWE association the potential Super-Fight between Jones and Lesnar has already been loosely incorporated into the storyline equation building up to Lesnar’s main event involvement at WWE Summerslam; the stipulation being if Lesnar loses at WWE Summerslam he will leave WWE.

In turn, this has created a sense of must-see and urgency for viewers around the world, whilst also playing into the credibility of a proposed Super-Fight between Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar.

However, Lesnar is under contract with the Connecticut-based sports-entertainment powerhouse until April 2018. WWE have and will continue to exploit Lesnar potentially leaving on television in the meanwhile to generate further mainstream media traction for the pending Jones-Lesnar Super-Fight for the purpose of promotion, ratings and to ensure that the WWE product remains socially relevant in the mainstream.

Conversely, the UFC fan base is also talking and speculating about the highly anticipated Super-Fight. Essentially, the mainstream media and fans – as well as casual fans – at large have been highly receptive of a potential Jones-Lesnar Super-Fight.

In terms of ratings, WWE needs a proverbial shot in the arm if it were and UFC currently needs a guaranteed box office attraction who can continue to carry the brand both in and out of the octagon. Prior to Jon “Bones” Jones publicly calling out Lesnar post-fight at UFC 214 thereafter his impressive knock out win against Daniel Cormier, there was already a high level of speculation swirling of a Super-Fight between Jon “Bones” Jones and Brock Lesnar; Lesnar will have to un-retire from Mixed Martial Arts as well as completing the remainder of his six month suspension from the USADA before anything can be officially confirmed notwithstanding the various alternative loopholes which may be presented along the way.

Overall, the likelihood of a main event Super-Fight between Jon “Bones” Jones and Brock Lesnar will most likely transpire in early 2018 once all parties have agreed terms. Ultimately, with potentially the biggest Super-Fight of 2018 officially in the making, it is now only a matter of time of if and when the main event pay-per-view Super-Fight showdown between Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar becomes a reality.

Joe Serpico
Joe learned his journalistic ways in the halls of Annenberg and McGonigle en route to becoming Temple Made. He was a Temple News contributor, and the lead reporter for the 2011 NCAA Women's Basketball Championship. A die-hard Philadelphia sports fan, Joe has suffered through many years of letdowns by his hometown teams.