Josh McDaniels Skips on 49ers’ Head Coaching Position

New England’s offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will skip over the 49ers’ head coaching position. After putting some thought into the decision, McDaniels will be staying in New England for personal matters. McDaniels said that he wants another chance to be a head coach and likely be a candidate for openings again next season.

McDaniels has improved New England’s offense this season. They were ranked 4th in the league in offense and had an average of 386.3 of total offense throughout the season

With McDaniels out of the running, Kyle Shanahan and Tom Cable are the next candidates that the 49ers are interested in. There have been more coaches that spoke with the 49ers, but the organization feels like Cable and Shanahan are the top picks that they like so far.

The 49ers are looking for a coach to give them a chance to make it competitive in their division. After firing Chip Kelly and their GM and going 2-14 this season, they are looking for someone to get them back on the winning side of things.

Shanahan has got the Falcons running as the offensive coordinator. The Falcons are ranked 1st in offense, average over 30 points a game. He is optimistic about getting the coaching position within the 49ers’ organization, but is content if he does not get the job. “I love the Situation here, if I do not get the job,” says Shanahan.

There is speculation that Trent Kirchner and Scott Fitteror is talking to the 49ers’ organization about the general manager position. It has not been confirmed yet.

The 49ers will have a chance to get a great pick out of the draft this year. They need to go back to the basics with making sure that they have players that can protect their quarterback and open holes on the offensive side of things. They need to find players for the offensive line. If Colin Kaepernick is the QB going forward, they need to protect him and need a coach to “actually” coach him. Kaepernick has the strength to deliver the ball on the dime to his receivers, but he lacks patience in the pocket.

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