NFL Draft Moments that Wouldve Trended on Social Media

Sports and Social Media go hand in hand. It can make something great or ruin someone’s team or career. What makes social media really good is trends. Something happens, and it loops across people’s timelines for days. It truly shows the importance of the moment, especially in sports.

Though there have been many memorable moments that never trended. It’s not that the teams involved didn’t capitalize on it, perhaps using services like to increase the reach of their Social Media posts. The truth is a lot of Sports history occurred when Social Media wasn’t even around. Instead, these were spread by newspapers and word of mouth.

Here are some NFL Draft Moments that would’ve trended on Social Media had it been around back in their day.

Eli Manning in 2004

Do you see this man’s face right here? Do you see the sadness and lost hope in his eyes? Eli Manning threw a tantrum on one of the biggest stages in football. Eli did not want to come to San Diego to play for the Chargers in 2004. He was later traded to NY in a move that Eli doesn’t regret. If this was on social media, it would’ve been many memes mad of his face. And maybe a true hardcore football fans with some words for Eli, not nice ones either.

Elway Traded in 1983

When drafted by the Baltimore Colts, yes the Baltimore Colts. John Elway did not want to come to Baltimore. He used his backup option in baseball to avoid this. Later traded to Denver, Mr.Elway got his wish to get away from Baltimore. Social Media would be a little mixed on this one. If we had the platforms we had now, Baltimore social media members would be furious. Elway disrespected their city and they would not let him get away with it. Other sports fans would be a little less furious.

Mike Ditka Trades it all for Williams in 1999

Mike Ditka made one of the WORST draft decisions in NFL draft history. Trading all of your picks for one player did not make any sense at all. Although Ricky Wiliams was amazing coming out of Texas, no one liked this move. Social Media would’ve been very negative that night.

Mel Kiper vs Bill Tobin in 1994

In 1994, Bill Tobin and Mel Kiper had one of the most entertaining live feuds in NFL Draft history. Fed up with Kiper’s analyzing, Bill Tobin ripped into Kiper. This would’ve trended for a while.

Randy Moss Draft Selection in 1998

Randy Moss was taken at Number 21 in 1998. Besides Manning, Woodson, and Spikes; this first round was very unmemorable. Randy Moss’ highlights would’ve caused many fans to become angry when their teams skipped over Moss. A lot of anger if Social Media was used in 1998 like it is now.

David Carr taken first in 2002

No one knew that David Carr would fall on his face during his NFL Career, but an expansion team picking their first player was something big. Houston was back in the football world and a lot of timelines would be filled with fans taking in that historic moment.

Deion Sanders in 1989

When I teach my future children about swagger. I must teach them about Ric Flair and Deion Sanders. Sander’s outfit and charisma on his draft night would’ve been an excellent time for some memes and comedy.

Janikowski taken in 1st Round in 2000

Sebastian Janikowski is probably one of the best kickers of the 2000’s. He’s always automatic and he makes the best out of the opportunity. When he was drafted in the 1st ROUND in 2000, Raiders fans were livid. Social Media would’ve been in a frenzy.

Stephen Thompson