NFL Power Rankings entering Week 13

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As the NFL playoff picture starts to take shape, contenders are starting to separate from pretenders. we now have an idea of who the teams are who will be playing for a chance at a Super Bowl birth and those who are looking forward to next season:


  1. Dallas Cowboys– America’s team looks poised to make a Super Bowl run lead by their dynamic rookie duo.
  2. Oakland Raiders– The Raiders are ahead of the Patriots this week after an exhilarating comeback win against the Panthers.
  3. New England Patriots– The Patriots are still the class of the AFC and will have to be dethroned before we forget about this team.
  4. Seattle Seahawks–  Seattle seems to be the only option in the NFC that can defeat Dallas even after their most recent loss.
  5. Kansas City Chiefs– Going into Denver and winning a game shows how great of a coach Andy Reid truly is.
  6.  New York Giants– Start spreading the news the G-Men are red hot and look a lot like their 2007 Championship team.
  7. Detroit Lions – First team ever to have first eleven games decided by seven points or fewer. If they make the postseason, at least they’ll be battle tested.
  8. Atlanta Falcons – They stand as the only team in the NFL averaging more than 30 points a game this season.
  9. Miami Dolphins – Might their first playoff trip in eight years be coming down the road? A soft schedule with just one winning team left certainly sets them up.
  10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Converting third downs has been the key for the young bucks this season.
  11. Denver Broncos – The Broncos have a very good defense but their offense will be the key down the stretch.
  12. Tennessee Titans – Yes they play in the AFC South but with one of the best running games in the league maybe this is the year music city makes it back into the playoffs.
  13. Washington Redskins – Hard to swallow when 505 yards of total offense isn’t good enough to win.
  14. Minnesota Vikings – They are still in it no thanks to their offense that has
  15. Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens have to turn these spectacular field goals into touchdowns to vault themselves into he postseason.
  16. Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers have an explosive offseason and a young defense lead by the veteran James Harrison.
  17. Buffalo Bills – The Ryan coaching wagon is in full effect and the Bills are making a playoff push.
  18.  San Diego Chargers – The Chargers play hard and if they hadn’t blown a few fourth quarter leads, they would have an even better record.
  19. Houston Texans – The Texans are still in control of their own destiny and can win the AFC South.
  20. Green Bay Packers – This team has had some low points this season and still has some life left.
  21. Indianapolis Colts – Once they get  Andrew Luck back they will find themselves right back in the AFC South battle.
  22. Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles with their young QB are overachieving and seem to have a nucleus in place.
  23. New Orleans Saints – The special teams of the Saints have been their downfall but the Drew Brees has been a constant this season.
  24. Los Angeles Rams – It may be too little too late now with Jared Goff as the new QB for the now LA Rams.
  25. Carolina Panthers – The Panthers season is a complete 180 from last season and looks like there is little hope left.
  26. Arizona Cardinals – One of the biggest disappointments this season has been Arizona, this team has Super Bowl talent but has fallen way short.
  27. Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals have never won a game without AJ Green, enough said.
  28. New York Jets – The Jets struggle with turnovers and their record indicates that.
  29. Jacksonville Jaguars – Sadly, Gus Bradley won’t be the coach next season for this team with underachieving talent.
  30. Chicago Bears – The Matt Barkley era has begun in Chicago but who really cares at this point?
  31. San Francisco 49ers – Losers often in a row,  heads will soon roll in the bay area.
  32. Cleveland Browns – For the Browns who play hard it looks like 0-16 is in their future.
  33. Byron Dixon (@BKD_TV)

Glenwood Thomas