Roger Goodell talks improvement within the structure of the NFL during Super Bowl 51

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell talked about the important factors with having an 18 game season. Reportedly there will be more health risks involved, as well as a shorten preseason if the deal came together. Goodell reached the conclusion that going from a 16-game schedule to 18 would be “tough on players,” and no longer sees the NFL moving in that direction.

Goodell also touched on improving the rules with player discipline. “The only thing that we feel very strongly about is handing off the ultimate decisions that relates to personal conduct to somebody who has no affiliation with the NFL — someone who doesn’t care about the way the fans care about the game, who cares about the way the NFL is perceived — so giving that to somebody who has absolutely no equity or no stake in the NFL, I am opposed to,” Goodell said.

“Frankly, one of the groups that we’ve talked about is retired players. They care an awful lot about our communities, about the game, about the players’ activities.”

While that is one of many concerns with the NFL, Goodell and the Oakland Raiders’ organization are trying to find a right place to call home. Reportedly negotiations with Vegas has ceased for the time being. Goodell has stated that he feels confident that the Raiders will find a place and wants to make sure that Vegas can support the team long term.

Goodell talked about the rights of protesting; : “We have to respect people’s constitutional rights, but for us, it’s all about patriotism.”

This season many athletes protested their rights to either stand, knee, or sit during the national anthem to make a statement about the equality of the country. Some athletes were praised and others were criticized in a negative manner, but Goodell stood by his word with sticking behind the protesters’ rights.


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