Tiffany Porter; The Hidden Figure Behind Negotiating Sports Contracts

Defense attorney and Sports agent Tiffany Porter is the magician behind the negotiations that very few individuals heard about. The experiences she had in life guided her to become a sports agent.

Porter had to endure a lot of obstacles before making her dreams come true. Porter had to deal with her mother being in and out of jail when she was younger, adversity with being an African American woman in a male-dominated occupation, and battling Breast Cancer at the age of 29 years old.

“Adversity is something that can make you stronger in faith. I watched my mother go in and out jail and she was the reason why I wanted to defend people on the other end of the spectrum. A lot of individuals in the system do not know their rights and I wanted to impact their lives and fight for them, said Porter. “In this business, I had to deal with a lot of adversity and stereotypes because I am a woman of color and many individuals do not know that there is an African American woman that is a sports agent in this field.”

Porter is a defense attorney and a managing partner of Porter & Whitner Law Group LLC in Atlanta, Georgia and a Sports Agent with Zenith Sports Agency.


As a Breast Cancer survivor of six years, Porter knew that she had a purpose and a message for people who struggle with Breast Cancer or unexpected turns in life. “You have to remain positive and have faith that it will get better. When I was battling Breast Cancer I knew in my heart that I was going to be delivered and beat this disease, ” said Porter. “For those people that are still out there keep fighting and never give up.”


After her battle with Breast Cancer was finished, Potter realized that she could help NFL players out with their contracts, after talking with NFL players that were her friends about their financial situations. “I had close relationships with NFL players that were my friends and they would come to me and ask me to advise them on their financial situations. I decided from that day that I would help these players out with being straight and direct with them. Some of the clients that I advised did not know how the process works and was misconstrued on their deals. I like to see people achieve and become successful in their sport,” said Porter.


Porter have advised players on what to look for when searching for an agent. “You have to have an agent that is for you. I would personally say that you want someone that can build your trust up. You need to have an agent that takes you seriously and could impact your growth in a successful manner,” said Potter. As an agent it nice to see how your client grows in a successful manner.”


Outside of being a sports agent and a defense attorney, Porter has four children and a husband that takes up her time when she is not busy. “I love that my family supports everything I do. It might get a bit chaotic at times, but the support system that I have has been a blessing. As I have stated before, I am blessed to be living and impacting the world for the better”, said Potter.


With very few women that are sports agents, it is refreshing that Porter decided to take a stand and define the odds with being a woman that can empower others in the industry.






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