Chicago Bulls are Spiraling Out of Control

Everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong for the Chicago Bulls as of late. They have dropped 11 of their last 17 games. Not to mention they are now below .500. To add more drama to the mix, an ESPN report by Marc Stein cites that their head coach, Fred Hoiberg is in the hot seat. One would think, matters couldn’t get any worse. Now, after losing to both the Pacers and the Bucks. It seems that Rajon Rondo is slowly falling out of the rotation at point guard. With all of these things happening at once. It sounds like one of those reality TV  shows. Unfortunately, for the Bulls and their fan base, this is their reality. You can’t make this up.

More of the Same:

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. In the month of December, you were hopeful after the Bulls wrapped up a successful West Coast road trip. The Bulls then hosted Cleveland on a Friday night and won that game. The very next day, the Bulls as you know them would lose to a deficient Dallas Mavericks team. Less than a week later, after losing two more games. The Bulls would then beat San Antonio and the Miami Heat. It was then December 13th and the Bulls would only win three more games to close out the month. They played a total of 11 games during that time frame.

After all of the rhetoric about being young and athletic, this team is just as sub-par as it was last season. 16-18 on the season and coming off another bad loss to the Bucks. The question now is, at what point does the Chicago Bulls either turn things around or go into a total rebuild? They traded Derrick Rose for Robin Lopez and company and vowed they were going to “make the Bulls great again.” Yet, this team is ordinary, average, uninspired, lackluster, or simply put, awful.

Solutions. Are there Any for Chicago?

It seems as though Rondo is on his way out and perhaps Hoiberg will join him. Though to be fair, it is not Hoiberg’s fault for the reason why this team is terrible. He wasn’t given the tools to succeed. This front office needs to be revamped. As Bulls fans are still holding onto memories of the “Jordan Days,” but those days are long gone. They have not won a championship since 1998.To be frank, the Bulls only had a small window of being successful in regards to making a real push a few years ago. Since then and prior to that, not much can be said about this franchise.

No one likes the term “rebuilding” however, the Bulls need to. Prior to the trade deadline, this entire organization from the front office to the bench. The Bulls need to have an “Everything Must Go” sale. Chicagoans should demand this because the product that is on the court is terrible.

If not expect more of the same. The Bulls will play great basketball against the best teams and not show up against the rest of the league. The sad truth is, there are more bad teams than good teams in today’s NBA. With that being said, until the Chicago Bulls are fully revamped, from top to bottom. This team will continue to be a “Middle of the Road Team.”

Here’s irony for you. Everything you just read you’ve read before. It was around this time last year prior to the trade deadline the Bulls looked just as bad as they do now. Yet, a year later nothing has changed in terms of being a winning team. Some of the same problems we saw in the Tom Thibodeau era still exist now. Such as, playing down to their competition.  Though Thibodeau and Rose are long gone, Gar Foreman and John Paxton are still here. Perhaps, that is where the issue lies.


Joshua Vinson

Joshua Vinson

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