NBA legend Kevin Garnett’s Hoop It Up HBCU Tournament Scheduled to be Broadcast on UBCTV


There is a new surge coming through UBCTV Network, becoming one of the top urban broadcasting networks with mainstream content to streaming worldwide. The UBCTV Network is an urban lifestyle media content channel, which merged Uganda Television and radio Uganda. The network provides broadcasting media in many variations of both curated and original programming through sports, music, and event entertainment. 

Previously, UBCTV network made noise with their collaboration with FreeCast, known for their extensive selection of free live television channels making them one of the largest programs. The collaboration between the two entities allows for more worldwide attention for the 2024 Hoop It Up HBCU Tournament that UBCTV Network secured the rights to. Hoop It Up is a popular 3×3 basketball tournament established in 1989 and is owned by NBA legend and Hall of Famer Kevin Garnentt. In 2022, it launched its first HBCU competition that included intramural 3×3 competitions with schools like Allen University, Benedict College, Claflin University, Clinton College, and South Carolina State University. 

In an interview on “Listen In With KNN“, UBCTV CEO Peggy Dodson said “This is a very exciting rollout and we are looking forward to bringing amazing events to a worldwide audience.” The tournament which was acquired by former NBA Champion Kevin Garnett in 2019  is met with great audience anticipation having the competition on an even bigger scale globally showcasing more HBCUs and the countless talented athletes. 

Dodson, is a professional jazz singer and recording artist who has countless experiences in the music industry and sports.  She wanted to really make a change in media with her platform UBCTV. “We have to be the change we want to see in the world,” she said while talking about the challenges she faced building up her platform, and wanting to showcase urban lifestyles and sports. She started her television network by interviewing many of the connections she gained in the music industry which included legend Isaac Hayes and built a lot of traction on camera while competing with other major networks. She used her mentors and connections from CBS and a combination of connections, networking and hard work resulted in  the Urban Broadcast Television Network. 

As for the opportunity to highlight HBCUs, this was important to her because she saw a need to add the coverage to UBCTV. “The only live broadcast of sports from the HBCUs in football was Grambling, and that was NBC. Everybody else was going live to tape. And I said why can’t we do live shows like Grambling and NBC? We need a Division 1 school and it needs to be live,” she explained. She signed a contract with Florida A&M University and wanted to use her platform with this partnership similar to Grambling and NBC. She also worked with Comcast to change the halftime shows for HBCUs. “Usually, when you go into halftime, you listen to recaps of games, and commercials. But with Black colleges, people want to see the bands. They want to see the battle of the bands.” She wanted to have her media team do a recap at the beginning, then commercial break segwaying into the bands to showcase. 

Audiences can look for more content from Dodson and UBCTV next year as she is currently looking for an HBCU to represent and more in sports media.

Jasmine Pollock