NXT Review: NXT Invades the Capital of Canada

NXT continued with their hot momentum after they invaded Toronto last week, NXT made its way to the capital of Canada Ottawa I will provide a complete rundown of the overall show including my overall thoughts.

Asuka vs Nicole Matthews

Asuka looked for her next competition fresh off her impressive victory over Mickie James at NXT TakeOver Toronto. Nicole Matthews stood in her way and Matthews did not waste time going after the NXT Women’s Champion Asuka but her attack did not last long. Asuka was ruthless with deadly kicks before she locked up Matthews in the Asuka Lock. Hopefully, they found her legit competition on NXT because right now nobody can beat Asuka. Asuka has been the NXT Women’s Champion for over 245 days.

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No Way Jose vs. Eric Young

It was only fitting that Eric Young had his first official singles match since he signed to NXT and it was in Canada. Eric Young took on No Way Jose and the fans knew that all four SAnitY members would be involved in some capacity. No Way Jose put up an impressive effect, However, the numbers game were too much for him to overcome. No Way Joe had Young down for the three count but Alexander Wolfe and Nikki Cross helped capitalized with a timely distraction. This resulted in Young as he picked up the pieces with a devastating Wheelbarrow Neck breaker as he got the win.

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Tye Dillinger vs. Samoa Joe

In a backstage segment, Samoa Joe was getting interviewed, Tye Dillinger wanted  to prove that he belongs in NXT. Samoa Joe did not take him seriously, The Perfect 10 shocked the world when he slapped the NXT Champion Samoa Joe across the face leading NXT General Manager William Regal booked this as the main event.

At NXT TakeOver a star was born in Tye Dillinger as he looked to carry the momentum against a pissed off NXT Champion in Joe, he had all the support behind him being in Canada. The NXT Champion overpowered The Perfect 10 and he took control of the match, as he worked on Dillinger’s knee with some brutal submissions before he assaulted him into the corner.

However, Dillinger did not quit and he brought the fight to Joe The Perfect 10 could not put Samoa Joe away. Dillinger showed his lack of in ring experience by showing his frustration. Dillinger had Joe up for his finisher the Tye-Breaker but Joe managed to escape. Joe then hit The Perfect 10 with a devasting powerbomb, then he locked in the Coquina Clutch, and nobody gets out of that hold Dillinger passed out.

It is clear for Samoa Joe that this was just a warm-up match, on the other, this was a massive step forward Tye Dillinger and proved that he belongs on in NXT in the main event picture. The NXT Champion Samoa Joe is laser focused as he heads to Osaka, Japan, this Saturday to defend his NXT Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura in a rematch from TakeOver: Toronto.

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