Are the NFL Owners ready to listen to Colin Kaepernick?

A proposed meeting Monday between the NFL and a group of players, meant to address issues underlying the ongoing protests during the national anthem, was canceled, but both sides are saying they want to “continue the dialogue.” Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick would simply like to be included in that dialogue. The Details Lawyers

Cavs rest half the roster, Wizards win 102-94

On Sunday afternoon, the Wizards hosted the Cleveland Cavaliers in the last exhibition home game before the season opener Oct 18th vs Philadelphia. Cleveland came to D.C. but rested half of the roster. That meant no Kevin Love, J.R. Smith, Tristan Thompson, Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade and Jae Crowder. Lebron James

Cam Newton apologizes for remark at reporter

Cam Newton is no stranger to controversy. The Carolina Panthers franchise quarterback has been followed by critics since his collegiate days at Auburn University and previously, Florida. Newton has drawn attention to himself with his wide array of outrageous outfits and hats, the latest focus on Newton for his attitude and

Carolina Defense: Operation Shut Down Drew Brees

A little history lesson and why the Panthers should be considered a top defense in 2017: Two weeks, six points allowed. No matter the opposition, that’s a feat that warrants praise. It hasn’t been done since the Baltimore Ravens held the Buccaneers and Raiders to that same combined point total in 2006. This Panther unit is second

Newton must take Carolina over the top vs New Orleans

Division games can swing either way and for the Panthers, they have a tremendous opportunity in front of them. CHARLOTTE -- The Carolina Panthers are 2-0 entering their divisional opener against the Saints without playing their best football. Quarterback Cam Newton played his first full game after offseason shoulder surgery

A ugly win but a win nonetheless, Carolina 2-0

It was a win for the Panthers, but it sure was ugly. CHARLOTTE N.C. --- Despite dominating the Bills in every offensive category, Carolina managed just three field goals. However, the Panthers prevailed to start their season at 2-0 start. A Tyrod Taylor pass bounced off the hands of rookie wide receiver