Orioles still have resources to add significant pieces to 2018 roster

The Baltimore Orioles have added Andrew Cashner and Colby Rasmus to fill their needs, but still have the funds to add more pieces to the roster.

The Baltimore Orioles entered the offseason with a plethora of needs. They have known the types of pieces they would have to find if they wanted to contend in this season since October.

Two starting pitchers was the top priority. A left-handed outfielder would be an added bonus. They had the entire winter to make moves to better themselves.

Nothing happened.

It was not just the Orioles either. All of Major League Baseball went into a freeze this offseason. Dan Duquette could have used that period to land better players at a lesser deal, taking advantage of the lack of activity in the league. Instead, the O’s continued to wait, just like the other clubs.

Baltimore has made the necessary moves, all within a week. They addressed the rotation with the acquisition of Andrew Cashner via free agency and bringing Chris Tillman back on a one-year deal. The club also has added Colby Rasmus and Craig Gentry in the past week in their effort to find their lefty outfielder.

The needs have been met. Now, they can start to get creative.

These are the types of deals we have come to expect from the Orioles under current ownership. Every move made was classic Duquette bargain shopping. No big names. No big contracts. Just players who know they have to grind in order to continue their careers in the Majors.

It is no secret that the core of this organization is set to split at the end of the season. The O’s biggest prize – Manny Machado – is going to get a huge contract from some team, but it will not be the Orioles, based on the lack of desire to talk an extension.

Baltimore will also have decisions to make on the futures of Brad Brach and Zach Britton. Most importantly, the undisputed leader of the clubhouse and Captain America, Adam Jones, is set to be a free agent as well, and he’s openly stated his displeasure with the front office this offseason.

This leaves the Orioles in predicament. How do they compete in 2018, but prepare themselves for the upcoming years that could be without Jones, Machado and Britton?

That’s where we get back to the point of being creative.

Joe Serpico
Joe learned his journalistic ways in the halls of Annenberg and McGonigle en route to becoming Temple Made. He was a Temple News contributor, and the lead reporter for the 2011 NCAA Women's Basketball Championship. A die-hard Philadelphia sports fan, Joe has suffered through many years of letdowns by his hometown teams.