Ezekiel Elliott being Tarnished without Cause

Sexual assault and domestic violence against women are two disturbing things that our society at times overlook, which is disgusting. Unlike in the past, we no longer give deference to famous people: their personal lives amplified on the highest level for the public to dissect and rightfully so. The NFL

Cowboys’ path to next season

With a disappointing lost to Green Bay in the playoffs, the Cowboys has to invest in their secondary. With a 13-3 record, the Cowboys displayed a lot of patience with their running attack, made it comfortable for Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, and went back to playing fundamental ball. Dallas shocked

Cowboys “Domesticated” the Detroit Lions

If you are still not convinced the Dallas Cowboys are the most superior team in the NFC then you must not know the game of football. Millions witnessed the Detroit Lions become another victim of the Cowboys. As they were defeated 42-21 and were shutout in the second half. Another

Who is the Best Running Back in the NFL?

Every year it seems like the best running back in the NFL varies. From veterans like Adrian Peterson to young guys like Todd Gurley, there's so much talent to choose from. This year is no different. Players like Melvin Gordon, Devonta Freeman, Jay Ajayi and Lamar Miller are right on the cusp of this

It is not up for Debate, Dak Prescott is the only Answer

Some conversations can make a great debate. Should school-age children wear uniforms, or should marijuana be legalized? Both conversations can be great round-table discussions. However, what is not up for debate and will not make a great discussion is who should be the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys because