Washington Defeat the Bucks and Make History

Bradley Beal

MILWAUKEE — The Washington Wizards came into Wisconsin completing their first back-to-back series this season, hoping to come away with a win. After losing in Toronto the night before, they needed to regroup. There was a lot of uncertainty surrounding their All-Star point-guard, John Wall, who didn’t play against the Raptors

Wizards Are Merely an Average Team Thus Far


The Washington Wizards could be the best team in the Eastern Conference. However, they're too lazy to put forth an effort to become great.  WASHINGTON -- When Kyrie Irving decided to leave Cleveland, the balance of the Eastern Conference shifted dramatically. No-one knew which team would represent the East. But one thing

Wizards Bad Habits Continues to Haunt Them


Wizards loss three of their last four games. However, in each game, they had a double-digit lead. WASHINGTON --  It's premature to say the Wizards are imploding and their season is over. But, it's logical to assume if they continue down this path it will end just as miserably as it did

John Wall is the Son Every Mother Wants

John Wall

John Wall was inducted into the University of Kentucky Hall of Fame. He gave a heartfelt tribute to his mother in his acceptance speech. LEXINGTON --- Wall stood at the podium swaying back and forth as he got ready to recognize his mother. He hoped his mother wouldn't cry and told

“Hatred” of John Wall is Unfounded

Boston, Massachusetts --- One of the biggest misconceptions about sports journalism is, we, the journalists, are fans of the teams that we cover. However, that is false - our job is to inform the general public about the latest happenings on our beat. This goes back to the three major

All Roads Lead to Washington

The Washington Wizards will fly back home for an elimination game after losing to the Boston Celtics 123-101.  The good news is that Washington is 5-0 this postseason on their home court.  With them being down 3-2 now in the series, this is a must win situation. Tough Road to Follow The